1. Nutriset developed Plumpy'UP™, a nutritional supplement to support VIH+ adults under ART

    HIV/AIDS : Plumpy’UP™ supports the nutrition of HIV+ adults on ART

  2. Guinguette at Miromesnil Castle Park

    Traditional picnic in Miromesnil

  3. PlumpyField® members 2019

    6th meeting of the PlumpyField® network

  4. The government of the Philippines estimates that over 4.2 million children are stunted.

    The First 1000 Days bill: a call to invest in nutrition in the Philipp...

  5. Eat&Play Box : turning carboard packaging into toys!

  6.  At the St. Gabriel dispensary in Conaky, Guinea, the treatment of malnutrition includes playtime for children

    Enhancing the impact of nutrition through the cognitive stimulation of...

  7. Plumpy'Sup™ and Plumpy'Doz™ now available in corn-based formula

    Lower cost, more taste! Plumpy'Sup™ and Plumpy'Doz™ now available in c...

  8. Launch of Enov® products at Laborex in Conakry

    Guinea: Enov® nutritional supplements available in pharmacies

  9. Aquatabs sont des pastilles effervescentes de chlore (DCCNa) pour le traitement de l’eau au point d'utilisation.

    Congo-Brazzaville : donation de produits organisée par Equapharm, dist...

  10. 73éme AGUN : Nutriset et le PAM co-organisent un événement

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