1.  NutriGuinée in Guinea and Nutrik in Nigeria

    Nutriset Group in Nigeria and Guinea with the opening of two new produ...

  2. PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

    PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

  3. COVID-19

    Covid-19: This crisis further strengthens our commitment to combating ...

  4. COVID-19

    COVID-19: We are ready for the emergency

  5. Nutriset at the SUN global gathering

  6. © Nathalie Oundjian - BPI France

    Nutriset receives the "Vitrine Industrie du Futur" label by the AIF

  7. PlumpyField® members 2019

    6th meeting of the PlumpyField® network

  8. Launch of Enov® products at Laborex in Conakry

    Guinea: Enov® nutritional supplements available in pharmacies

  9. EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Adeline Lescanne Gautier, General Manager of Nutriset receives the Societal Commitment Award

    EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Nutriset wins the Societal Commitment Awa...

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