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Developing value chains

Combining skill and know-how, the Nutriset Group proposes a global approach to developing innovative agribusiness solutions that are more fully adapted to local constraints and expectations. 

All along the agribusiness chain, the various Group companies work toward developing agriculture and agro-industries in emerging countries, promoting local plant raw materials, studying consumption habits and food tastes, developing new food recipes, manufacturing and launching new products and implementing distribution systems for essential goods.

Within the Nutriset Group, Tweed was designed as an entity to promote the unfettered exploration of food science. The company designs new food products to provide solutions for issues related to protein supply, the consumption of newly arrived urban residents in developing countries and the optimal use of local raw materials. Since its creation in 2014, company dynamics have led to the development of new technologies in collaboration with Nutriset Group teams or with other partners. In 2016, there were two patent applications, 42 prototype creations and ten products launched or ready for launch. FasoTweed is the Burkina Faso branch. This R&D center enables making a realistic assessment of local needs and facilitates contact between research workers, NGOs and other Nutriset Group partners.

Jugaad is a subsidiary of Onyx Development that carries out various activities in Burkina Faso, such as manufacturing food products, driving economic players, carrying out studies and distributing and marketing products and services. Barika® is the brand and distribution name for innovative, high-quality products with a stable price. Barika Lab' is a laboratory focusing on consumption studies, where a dedicated team organizes surveys and capitalizes on knowledge.