S'adapter aux environnements multiples de la Grande Muraille VerteAdapting to the multiple environments of the Great Green Wall

GreenNuts: selecting the best varieties of local groundnuts 

Thanks to the IAMAfrica initiative of which our partners are signatories and within the framework of Great Green Wall Accelerator and the support of AllEnvi, Nutriset Group has extended the farm to fork approach starting from the seed of peanut plants through the child's mouth to the digestibility of vegetable protein in a child exhibiting severe acute malnutrition.
The consortium is called GreenNuts.  

This completion of this initiativea will bring several benefits:   

  •  accelerate the economic development via the rise in competence in R&D of the SME partners in Africa,    
  • contribute to the scientific state-of-the-art in the fields of agriculture/nutrition/environment,  
  • to the objectives of the Great Green Wall 2030 by participating in the restoration of hectares of currently degraded land, carbon sequestration and job creations. 

An ambitious project that meets perfectly the strengthening of oilseed and protein sectors and that requires significant funding.