Tell me about yourself.

I arrived at Onyx Développement nearly two years ago as a Project Officer. My position has changed since then, and I currently take charge more specifically of marketing projects for Onyx Développement and its partners.


What did you do before joining Onyx Développement?

I worked for over ten years in marketing services in the pharmacy and retail cosmetics sector, in both product development and brand strategy and the marketing of new products.


How did your introduction to the company go?

I gradually became part of the company thanks to the presence of my predecessor during one-and-a-half months; this person took the time to introduce me to the Group, explain how the company works and outline the details of the project I would be taking on.


What's your job?

Currently, I propose and implement methods, actions and tools for our marketing projects in partnership with our subsidiaries. With this goal in mind, I rely on my experience and, above all, I try to listen as carefully as possible to feedback from the field and our consumers. In particular, I work on the development of our BtoC actions and the Barika brand in Burkina Faso with our local subsidiary. To develop my knowledge and ability to analyze, I was also fortunate in being able to rely on the expertise of our anthropologists at Onyx Développement and Nutriset as well as on our studies committee within our Burkinabé subsidiary, Barika Lab', which makes if possible for us to have a better understanding of customs, of local demand and to effectively test new products.


How do you keep up with developments in your area?

I obtain information through various channels by attending trade shows and specialized conferences, by meeting with external participants and by subscribing to newsletters and journals that keep me abreast of news and innovations in my area of activity.