Presenting the plant to Yannick Girardin in 2015

Can you tell us something about yourself?  

I'm François and I'm 44 years old. I like simplicity, nature and helping others.  
I arrived at the company in 2008 as a temporary worker. At Nutriset, I found more than a job. I found a mission that motivates me every day.


What is your day like as a Shift Manager?

My daily routine as a Shift Manager is to ensure high-quality production in an amount that will satisfy customer needs. I ensure good working conditions for my team. Safety is very important. Team spirit, the atmosphere and individual development are part of my job. I'm also the relay between HR services and management for communicating decisions and the directions the company wants to follow.


What do you especially remember at Nutriset?

  • The Bernardins colloquium that was held on Nutriset's twenty-fifth anniversary is what stands out in my mind. It was a year highlighted by conferences and celebrations that made us think about innovation and the future.
  • I also remember when I showed the plant to Minister Annick Girardin and her large delegation with the media present.  
  • There are lots of other outstanding memories of personal encounters in the company, of testimonials, of commitments and of recognition.


What other departments do you work with on a daily basis?

I work every day with the Maintenance team and the Quality Service. We currently call on several departments:  the Industrial Development Service, product experts, R&D and Logistics. Manufacturing is the plant core. Nutriset is constantly moving. The company evolves, and we need to evolve along with it. This is why my team looks for ways to move forward and innovate. To do this, we can call on other teams for support.


What does Nutriset represent for you?

Nutriset is a dynamic, innovative company with an approach based on working together. It's the example of a company that developed starting from an ideal of providing food for suffering children.